Fourth in a four horse race

Fourth in a four horse race

Blog seven – Fourth in a four horse race


Due to having our first holiday in well over four years (and obviously the first ever with children) I haven’t written a blog in nearly three weeks (I scheduled the last two to post automatically. Check me out!).

Well the main thing that’s been and gone, although we’re still seeing some of the fall out, is of course, the general election. There’s one thing that really felt different to me about this election to previous ones, and that was the activity on social media. Parties themselves were very active on Twitter & Facebook, as were broadcasters, news shows, commentators, etc. However, way, way more active with their thoughts than all of those put together were the most argumentative, opinionated, blinkered, not-willing-to-accept-any-other-opinion-other-than-their-own people on social media…yes, you guessed it…EVERYONE you know!

OK, I’m tarring all social media users with the same brush, which is wrong, but OMG (as the cool kids would say), did your Facebook become the house of commons or what!? Mine did.

I realised throughout the build up to the election that I am friends with people on Facebook from most of the major religions, and not one of them ever uses social media to tell me they’re way of thinking is the right way. But when it gets to politics, wowzers that all changes doesn’t it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll happily have a debate as much as the next person, but I am always happy to ‘Agree to disagree’, then move on. My wife and I did not vote for the same party. Leading up to the election we had quite a few detailed ‘debates’ about why we were going the way we were going, but it never got heated and I never told her she was wrong, nor her I. I just told her why I was voting the way I was, and visa-versa. The fact is, our constituency is the definition of a ‘Tory stronghold’, so you could put a blue rosette on a ring-tailed lemur round here and it’d still get voted in, so any non-Tory vote is basically a wasted vote.

I won’t tell you how we voted because you’re probably not interested and, just like your bank balance*, penis size** and frequency of sex you have with your partner***, I think it is probably best not shared!

*, **, ***: I definitely wouldn’t boast about any of these!!!

But I’m not going to be completely passive and shy away from any controversy to do with the election. Here comes my rant:

I truly and completely believe we need electoral reform. So much so that I have signed an online petition about it (which will probably be as effective as signing a petition to make Gareth Bale play for Charlton Athletic). In any way, shape or form I just can’t see how the nations varying interests are being fairly represented in parliament. I have no issue with the Conservatives gaining power because they got a majority of the votes, therefore they are, whether you like it or not, representing the majority. HOWEVER, the houses of parliament should ensure that other parties, despite getting less votes, get a chance to have their say on behalf of those that voted for them.

Less votes = less of a say. Most votes = biggest say. Simple…Or is it…

A lot of people wanted the Green party to be in charge. 1.15 million to be precise. The SNP only got 300k more votes than Green party, and yet got 55 more seats. Fifty five! That means there’s 56 people putting the SNP’s views across in the houses of parliament compared to the Green Parties 1. Only one person to represent nearly 4% of the vote! For perspective, the SNP got 4.7% of the vote but 55 more seats. Think about that!

UKIP divides opinion more than any party it seems, yet they have huge support. They got 3.88 million votes, or around a third of what the winning party got, but end up with 1 seat compared to the Conservative’s 331.

I don’t care if you love or hate UKIP, surely that last sentence proves my point better than anything else?

I then started thinking about my little family and I quickly realised that I was being stitched up in the same way the Green party and UKIP had been!


I seem to have very little say in what goes on in this house, mainly due to my wife always being right and my children believing with utter certainty that I am only here to cook, clean and be climbed on. AND YET, look at these stats:

  Total of all 4 of us My percentage
Weight (lb’s) 387 51%
Height (cm’s) 531 34%
Age (yrs) 76 47%


As you can see, I need to change our house from being a ‘First past the post’ set up to a ‘Proportional representation’ one.

And I can assure you of two things; one, my wife is ALWAYS ‘First past the post’, and two, there isn’t a bookmaker in the world that would pay out on an each way bet for the horse that comes forth in a four horse race!!!


Food tip of the week

I’ll try not to sound like Delia Smith here and teach you how to boil eggs, but, I believe I have cracked it (get it!?) with regards to doing the perfect poached egg every time:

  1. Always use fresh eggs because they don’t fall apart in the water.
  2. Get the pan of water boiling as rapidly as you can.
  3. Make a whirlpool in the middle and gently drop the egg in to the middle from close above the water.
  4. Do not add vinegar. It’s a myth and it makes the egg taste vinegary!
  5. Set the timer for 3 mins exactly, then turn the hob down to the lowest setting (remember we’re poaching, not boiling)
  6. When the timer goes off, gently get the egg out straight away. In other words, don’t just turn the heat off but leave the egg in there for another minute or so while you butter your toast or pick your nose, because it’ll be over done.

There you go, perfect amount of runny yoke! I use large chicken eggs. If using big duck eggs, add 20 seconds, if using small chicken eggs, knock 20 seconds off.

(and if you eat to much, click here for exercise inspiration!)


Fact of the week

The mortar used in the construction of the great wall of china was made up of predominantly sticky rice!