Vive la difference!

Vive la difference!

The Difference Between Boys and Girls


I feel very lucky to not only have two children, but also that they’re a ‘Pigeon pair’. It also amazes every day that both their differences and similarities seem to be increasing.

This blog just scratches the surface of what I have discovered are some of the differences between my son (age 20 months) and my daughter (nearly 4):


When Isabelle was in nappies, if we caught a whiff of something that may be emanating from her behind, we had to do that stupid and undignified thing you see parents do; pick her up and sniff her bum.

When Toby has opened his bowels he only has to be in the same house for us to know it’s time to change his nappy! It’s hideous. It’s like someone is rodding a blocked drain at a working men’s club!


When Isabelle bangs her head, not only is it a rare occurrence because she’s very careful, she also lets us know about it with plenty of histrionics, wailing and sobbing, followed by lots of cuddling and an insistence that we put a plaster on the miniscule red mark.

When Toby bangs his head, because he does it about four times a day, he just pauses, places his hand on the bump, walks over to me and says, “Ouch. Bump, bump” in his little toddler voice, then walks off to commence the next dangerous activity that may lead to further injury, having learnt nothing from the previous stupid attempt!


Bogies, or if you’re a fan of Dick & Dom, ‘BOOOOOOGIIIIEEEEEEEES!!!’, are another difference. Isabelle only has bogies when she has a cold, and even then she’s always been happy to blow in to a tissue and let me wipe her nose. She would never, ever wipe her nose on her sleeve because it’s ‘Yucky’.

Toby always has a bogie, and hates me wiping his nose. It doesn’t matter if he’s been outdoors, been indoors, has a cold or not, you can always see a bogie that needs removing. Occasionally he’ll keep still long enough for you to hook out the offending monster, and I don’t know if I’m alone in this, but I find it sooo satisfying to get his bogie. I have no idea why, but it is? He’s also more than happy to wipe any escaping wet ones on his sleeve.


Isabelle, unless she has wellies on, will always walk around puddles. She loves Peppa pig, but still has a grasp on what is ok in a cartoon but not ok in the real world.

Toby, no matter what he has on his feet, will go out of his way to splash in a puddle, with no thought to the consequences. It never occurs to him that he’ll end up with wet, cold feet and an angry mummy and daddy.


Luckily, both my children are good eaters. I wouldn’t say either are fussy, but Isabelle definitely knows when she’s had enough.

Toby will eat meat and crisps until he doubles in weight. He’s never happier than when munching on my homemade boiled and baked ham or crisps, and he drinks water as if he’s taken Bruce Lee’s advice literally: “…Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water…Be water, my friend.” – Bruce Lee


Isabelle throws like a girl, which is fine, because she is a girl.

Toby is only 20 months old. He has over two years less development under his belt than Isabelle, and yet he throws unbelievably well. He throws straight every time. I play ball with him a lot, which has clearly helped, but I also played ball with Isabelle a lot too. We had a tradesman in just before Christmas. He was a Kiwi who had played both rugby at college level and cricket right up to first class domestic level in New Zealand (very good). He played ball with Toby one afternoon for about ten minutes. They stood about 15 feet apart and he couldn’t contain his excitement about the little one year old that threw the tennis ball straight back to him every single time. I was a very proud dad!


Isabelle, when it comes to sleeping, is an angel. She has slept from 7pm to 7am, give or take the odd occasion she’s been ill or there’s thunder and lightning, every single night from eight weeks old!

Toby, when it comes to sleeping, is like a meerkat that’s drunk a can of redbull! I dislike Toby immensely between 7pm and 7am.


So there you have it. There’s obviously plenty more differences, but they’re the obvious ones. If you have two children maybe some of this rings true with you?

They do argue, but mostly they love each other

They do argue, but mostly they love each other



Food tip of the week

Got some bananas that have gone a bit too brown? Don’t chuck them, make banana bread!

I can’t eat bananas, but I can’t stand wasting food, and my wife and children love my banana bread (mine is more like banana cake to be fair), and it’s easy to make, so give it a go.

This is the recipe I stick to, minus the banana chips on the top. It’s delicious:

Banana bread