The Angry Daddy!

The Angry Daddy!

The Angry Daddy!


Confrontations. I seem to have had far more than my fair share recently. Maybe they could have been avoided if I acted a little more ‘British’. That is, if I’d have just said nothing, tutted under my breath then moaned about it for ages, maybe my life would have been calmer? However, I didn’t. Normally I avoid conflict but I think I’d experienced all the things that ‘Pressed my button’ on so many occasions that, rightly or wrongly, I snapped.

Whilst getting my two children out of the car and in to a double trolley at Tesco, two men parked up in the last remaining ‘Parent & child’ bay next to me, got out of their pickup truck and walked off.

Anyway, whilst pointing at their truck I say, “Hang on guys. Don’t forget your children”.

1st Man: “Eh?”.

2nd Man: “He’s trying to be clever because we’ve parked in a parent space. F**K OFF!”

Me: “Wow, you are really great guys. Parking in a parent & child bay simply because you’re too arrogant and lazy to walk an extra twenty yards, then you swear badly in front of two small children!?”


A couple of days later I was on Facebook looking at the Charlton Athletic supporters page (Don’t laugh) and I just happened to be on there as someone posted a link to a story from the London press. It was about a Crystal Palace fan being beaten up and he added the comment, “I couldn’t help but laugh at this. Always nice to see a Palace fan get a kicking”.

Now, ALL football clubs have a minority of fans that are brainless thugs, and I did think about simply reporting the post, but this being ‘Martin’s week of rage’, I decided to write:

“You are an utter thug and I find it abhorrent that you think it’s funny that a man got beaten up. Don’t call yourself a Charlton fan as its offensive to the rest of us”.

His, “its just banter” retort was pathetic, but I was glad to see that he suffered a backlash from many fans in the ten minutes or so before the post was removed.


I recently completed a leg of ‘The Great Countrywide tour’. It was cycling 100km’s, starting at the Ordinance Survey head offices in Southampton and ending up at Sandbanks in Poole (after a lot of wiggling about on the map). Amazingly, my old Specialized bike and my old ‘non-specialised’ legs kept up with the brisk pace set by all the club cyclists on their £2k bikes. I really enjoyed it despite the regular, “Get out the f**king way” comments shouted out the windows of passing cars. Yes, really! Even though we were cycling sensibly, in single file, and the large group were spread out over a good few miles in dribs and drabs, it seems there’s nothing like seeing lots of cyclists to make some drivers angry. Weirdly, all the white van men were kind, letting us all cross the busy roads safely as a group!

Anyway, at one junction in the New Forest, a driver decided to lower his window and tell me, “I’ve had to sit behind you for f**king ages. These roads are narrow. You should pull off the road to let me past. F**king cyclists!”

So I asked him if he’d like to get out of his car and have a chat about it with me and my 30 odd friends!? He didn’t. He swore at us all, then lit up his tyres as he pulled away.

This reaction, as well as the many others that yelled abuse at us really does baffle me? Most cyclists drive cars too. We’re not idiots. We know how to ride safely. I see the odd idiot cyclist, but I see far more idiot car drivers!

Anyway, it’s all out of my system now and I’m back to being the ‘Calm Silly Daddy’…

…Until I see someone drop litter…or smoke in a car with children in it…or stop in a yellow box junction…or…!!!


Food tip of the week

Packet sandwiches. Not that healthy and not that cheap, so why not make a couple of days worth of healthy lunches at once? You can then marvel at the time and money you’ve saved the next day! Here’s one to get you started:


  • I mug of quinoa.
  • 2 mugs of water.
  • 1 pepper (not green), de-seeded and cut in to strips.
  • Big handful of mushrooms, cut in to half or chunky sized pieces.
  • 1 carrot, cut in half, then long ways to make sticks
  • Handful of olives.
  • Optional:
  • Cooked chicken breast, sliced up.
  • Small handful of cubed feta cheese.
  • Dash of balsamic vinegar


Put all the prepared veg in a big bowl and add a tablespoon of quality olive oil and a pinch of mixed herbs and stir to coat everything.
Roast the veg at 180 deg C for 20 – 30 mins (or until done).
Boil quinoa in the water for 15 minutes, then let stand to absorb any remaining water.
Add all the veg (and the chicken and/or feta cheese and/or balsamic vinegar) to the quinoa, stir together and hey presto, lunch for the next two days!