A very grown up child

A very grown up child

A very grown up child


“Don’t be so childish”. It’s a phrase or a criticism you hear fairly often. But when talking about children, especially young children, you often hear, “Isn’t she/he grown up”. Well I thought I’d share with you some of the things my daughter says to me that at times, has me lost for words at how grown up she is. I am staggered at her thought process and truly can’t believe she’s only three and a half.

I don’t suppose she’s alone in thinking beyond her years. I’m sure many children do. I also think the complete lack of dishonesty or ulterior motive that children of this age have does help them to say things that can bring us adults to tears, laughter or shock so easily.

Whilst on a walk, we stop to stroke a cat that seems friendly as it approaches us:

Me: “Oh look Isabelle, this cat wants to say hello to us. You stroke it and I’ll get Toby out of the pushchair so he can see it too”.

After a minute or so of making a fuss of the cat, she says to it: “You are very big compared to my cat. I wonder if you’re a well behaved cat or a naughty cat? You definitely eat too much! My cat is little but naughty. She kills things, but she’s only doing what comes naturally to her you know”.

Again on a different walk, we see a perfectly whole but dead fox by the curb. I couldn’t avert her eyes from it because I turned a corner and there it was. Maybe I should’ve been honest, but when she asked what it was doing, I said it was having a sleep in the sunshine to warm up. She accepted this and also remarked at how pretty it was too. However, later on, when mummy asked her what she’d done that morning, she said, “We saw a pretty fox lying by the side of the road. Daddy said it was having a sleep, but I’m fairly sure it was dead. Maybe it was hit by a car, which is sad isn’t it mummy?”

A couple of days ago I took both the dwarfs down to Mudeford quay to feed the swans. We had a big bag of bread and some wild bird feed, so they were in for a treat. The tide was out, but there was a line of mud and twigs on the path from a previous high tide. Suddenly an angry Jack Russell (aren’t they all!?) appeared and tried to attack the swans. After about twenty seconds of flying feathers, large flapping wings, two crying children and a dog that nearly had its eyes pecked out, the owner arrived at full tilt, yelling apologies to us and screaming the dog’s name (Which I can’t remember, but the purposes of this, let’s call the dog ‘Satan’).

Anyway, in trying to grab Satan, its owner slipped on the mud from the high tide and took a really hard fall. She fell with a sickening thump and grazed her chin and bruised her arm and hip. I knew she was hurt because she didn’t do what we all do if we trip when in public; Get straight up and pretend nothing hurts so as not to look like too much of an idiot. I told Isabelle to keep hold of Toby and rushed to her aid. She was full of apologies for Satan’s behavior but I told her to sit still and get her breath. After we established she hadn’t broken her hip or back, I helped her up while another man grabbed Satan. She was quite shaken and sore but after thanking me for my help and apologising for Satan causing such chaos, she limped off, and this is when Isabelle said something that left me speechless: “Daddy, did you help that lady because she was very pretty?”

WHAT!? Now, it must be said, Satan’s owner was about mid-twenties and very pretty, however, I’m staggered that Isabelle thought I wouldn’t have helped any non-pretty person who had just fallen over next to me!? The more I thought about what she said, the more wondered how her mind works. I also wondered if she really does have me pegged!?!?


In other news, ripe blackberries are popping up everywhere, which signals to me some wonderful things like blackberry crumble, bramble jam and even better, blackberry brandy! But a sure sign that summer has past is seing these little things in hedgerows…

The Silly Daddy - Sloes are coming

Pass the gin!!!


Food tip of the week

How about pimping up your standard cheese on toast! Here’s some tips and options to try:

  • Only lightly toast the bread before adding the cheese and sticking it back under the grill. Burnt bread = Urgh!
  • Splash some Worcester sauce on it once it’s done.
  • Spread some wholegrain mustard on the toast, then add the cheese on top.
  • Cover the toast with very thin slices of mushroom and/or red onion before putting the cheese on top.
  • Toast, mustard, slice of ham, mushrooms, then cheese on the top. Awesome filling snack!
  • Add some sliced tomatoes, or even drizzle a bit of the oil from sun dried tomatoes on it!?
  • Cut a garlic clove in half and rub it all over the toast before anything goes on top.
  • Go mad. Do all of the above!