Is Experience Necessary?

Is Experience Necessary?

Blog ten – Is experience necessary?

First of all, I’m finding it very hard to write this week’s blog because I have the tennis on as well. Gasguet has just gone 10-9 up in games in the final set against Wawrinka and the quality they’re both displaying is superb. I love watching a single handed backhand. It’s rare these days but both these two are masters at it.

Sticking with sport, the 6-a-side team I play for had our first real sign of progress last night. We drew 0-0. Yes, yes, I know, ‘That’s not progress’ I hear you say. Trust me, it is. It was only our third game and we were soundly beaten in the first two.

Before any women and/or football haters switch off, this is more about trying to play a sport you were once ok at when you were a teenager. That, and sticking to what I have preached in a previous blog about ditching the gym to lose the belly.

Now, if anyone has ever played the shorter form of football you’ll know how rare 0-0 is. Secondly, if anyone has ever decided to take up football or any sport in their late 30’s after not playing for many, many years, you’ll also know how unbelievably hard it is to even compete in a normal (non over 35’s) league because you’re faced with whippets between 10 and 20 years your junior that run the same in the last minute as they do in the first!

(Gasguet has just completed the upset and knocked out Stan Wawrinka!!)

However, what we have in abundance compared to the 11 stone varmints is experience. Let’s face it, we must have something over them otherwise we’d be dead and buried by half time! Experience not to react when their biggest player holds my arm like a vice when the corner is taken. Experience to chat things through with the ref instead of yelling, “For f**ks sake ref. When are you going to use your f**king whistle? He just took my f**king legs away from me” (The team we played were mouthy plonkers to say the least). Experience when things aren’t going your way not to start turning on your team mates. I say this last one because that’s exactly what the opposition from last night started doing when they were still 0-0 with 5 minutes to go against a load of men 15 years older than them!

Everyone on my team are fathers, and I’m sure they use their extra life experience when dealing with their children too, just as I do. Just like in the football, both men and women in their twenties are obviously better equipped, physically, to deal with everything involved in successfully bringing up children. Parents in their twenties are (generally) physically far better off to deal with giving birth, juggling working and sleep deprivation, supporting each other, doing all you can to help your partner, not snapping when your wife turns your car in to a 4-wheeled cesspit (A personal gripe!!).

Speaking personally, there’s no way I’d have been as good at being a parent 15 years ago as I am now. Of course I’m not suggesting you can’t be a good parent in your twenties. My parents were 26 when they had me, and apart from my 8 years in HM Belmarsh for aggravated burglary, I turned out ok!

15 years ago my wife and I both had a shorter fuse and a much lower desire to stay in and watch re-runs of Friends whilst sat next to two baby monitors! This is the life we have chosen and I don’t regret it at all. I have a few friends that had children in their early twenties, and while they were staying in every evening back then and turning up to work having had no sleep, my wife and I were having two foreign holidays a year and clubbing with friends.

There’s arguments for having children early and later. Its horses for courses. I’d welcome any comments or feedback, but for us, we’re happy. We’re knackered, and haven’t been abroad for 5 years, but we’re perfectly content.

Now, anyone fancy lending us £2k and looking after two wonderful children for a fortnight? I’ve heard there’s some great deals to Greece at the moment!! Just leave the Euros and take Dollars, Rubles and Sterling instead!



Food tip of the week

In a previous blog I highlighted how full of sugar breakfast cereals are. So, one alternative is porridge. It’s full of energy and healthy, but not if you top it off with lashings of sugar, golden syrup or treacle. Instead, try topping a bowl of porridge with:

Homemade fruit compote

Put 150g’s of blueberries in a non-stick saucepan with 1 tbsn of water and 1 tsp of honey. Heat through until soft and sticky.

This can be done with raspberries or strawberries too.

Greek yoghurt with fruit and seeds

Chia seeds are flavourless but very high in protein. Also use sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.

Add pieces of sweet fruit like mango, pineapple, plums, banana, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc.

If you have a sweet tooth, add a small drizzle of manuka honey.

Grilled banana

Slice a banana, lightly sprinkle some brown sugar over the slices. Grill under a high heat for a couple of minutes, then serve on top of the porridge.



Facts of the week

Martina Navratilova played her last professional tennis match in 2006, aged 49!

Gary Player is 79 and STILL a professional golfer!

Sir Stanley Matthews was still playing for Stoke City in 1965, aged 59!