The Hot Women Phenomenon

The Hot Women Phenomenon

The Hot Women Phenomenon – Blog five


I’ve gone slightly ‘Off piste’ with my puerile witterings this week!…


In between working, my wife had quite a few friends over to our house during Easter and the warmer weekends after, mostly for play-dates with their kids, but also some non-mummy friends too. Just after the last one left and I was putting Toby down for his nap, something occurred to me: All her friends are pretty. Every single one! She has lots of ‘mumsy’ friends but also many that don’t have children, and without fail, they’re all pretty, polite, attractive women.

Then I started to wonder, do pretty women, whether they’re yummy-mummies or not, gravitate towards each other?

If they do, is it a conscious or sub-conscious thing?

Has it happened randomly, and the fact that all these pretty women are friends is just coincidence?

Of course, people with similar interests tend to hit it off, so if you consider my wife’s interests are healthy living, fitness, her children, socialising, having sex with her husband twice a day, having a nice home and garden, etc., then she’s going to have most in common with fit, healthy women and mums.

(I lied about one of her interests.)

But then I thought that it’s even more remarkable they’re all very pretty because as we know, being slim and healthy doesn’t necessarily make you pretty, any more than carrying a bit of extra weight doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not pretty.

Following this, I started thinking about all my mates. Of course I have female friends, but for this let’s assume by ‘My’ mates I mean men and by ‘Her’ mates I mean women.

Now, running through my friends I realised I have a complete hotch-potch mix of all sorts of shapes and looks. Also, I’m comfortable enough not to be worried that anyone will think I’m dipping a toe out of the closet by saying a male friend of mine is good looking.

I then tried to apply some maths/science to this (any mathematicians or scientists reading this, don’t worry, I’m aware I’m talking out of my backside). So if we score these people from one to ten, with 10 being my mate Ross, who is basically a big-eared Cristiano Ronaldo, I seemed to end up with an average score of about 7 (I don’t we’re a bad looking bunch on the whole).

But if I scored my wife’s friends, with my wife being a 10, I end up with an average score of about 9. Seriously, I couldn’t think of any of her friends that I wouldn’t give at least an 8 out of 10 to.

Before we conclude this, let’s clear up some things that you, the reader, have probably been shaking their head at:

  1. No, I don’t think I have a career teaching maths, science, or indeed sociology, psychology, anthropology or anything else!
  2. Yes, I’m aware that being a heterosexual (and quite horny) man, I’m bound to score the women higher than the men, but I really have tried to be fair with the scoring, honest.
  3. I’m not being biased by scoring my wife as a 10, I’m simply being honest and self-preservational! (ok, you can add never becoming an English grammar teacher to the first bullet point). Also, Ronaldo’s big-eared twin would agree, as he’s the one who suggested Jenny should ‘Have another affair with him because she’s batting below her average’ – See my previous ‘To snip or not to snip’ blog. I should also point out that big-eared Ronaldo’s wife is our good friend and she’s a 9.5 on a bad day!
  4. I’m not for one minute saying that gorgeous people can’t be friends with ugly people.
  5. I used great restraint to not use the crass, ‘Out of two, I’d give her one’ joke.
  6. Please don’t take me seriously on any of this!
  7. Finally, the most important point of all, I’m not trying make a profound point here, it’s just something that occurred to me as being a huge coincidence.

If you are a mathematician do please let me know what the chances of this melting pot of attractiveness are? I also wonder if there are groups of friends elsewhere that all look like Princess Fiona (after she turned Shrek) or Kathy Burke, to balance out the equilibrium? Who knows?


Food tip of the week:

Here’s one that has about 3 mins prep time, is healthy, and my daughter loves them too.

Pre heat the oven to 160°C.

De-seed a pepper (I never use green ones. See Facts of the week as to why). I always slice them in half, top-to-bottom, then cut out the cluster of seeds, but just do it how it suits you.

Cut each half in half again, cross ways this time. Then cut those bits in to inch wide pieces. It should give you around 12 pieces.

Coat in your choice of oil. I use olive oil (basic olive oil. Save the expensive extra virgin stuff for other things). My tip for making sure things get a coating of oil without putting everything in a baking tray then pouring oil on them is; Put the bits of pepper in a bowl, pour a teaspoon or two of oil on them, give them a good stir, then put them in the baking tray. This avoids triple that amount needed to coat them by pouring over once they’re in the tray.

Season (I find they’re a bit ‘funky’ for my 11 month old, so I do add salt, but leave the salt if you have a toddler that’ll eat them).

I shake some rosemary over them too, but you don’t have to.

Bake for around 30 – 40 mins, or until they look done.

They’re lovely hot as a healthy addition to a dinner or as a healthy snack for you or the kids, but also great to save in the fridge until the next day to add to rice dishes, pasta ‘n pesto, wraps, sandwiches, salads, etc. My 3 year old loves them.


Facts of the week:

Peppers are actually a fruit because they are produced from a flowering plant and contain seeds

Red, orange, and yellow bell peppers are actually just ripe green bell peppers. It’s also why red bell peppers are sweeter than green ones because bell peppers sweeten as they ripen.

Red bell peppers have twice the vitamin C of a green pepper!