Food Tips of the Week

All the food tips of the week from all the previous blogs, all in one place. As you probably know by now, Nothing is complicated here. It’s all about simplifying. Simple instructions, simple ingredients, simple food, done well.


Sugar in cereal
Read the ingredients and nutrition list on packs of cereal. You’ll be horrified. Read more

Make your own soup
Seriously, it’s dead easy, so long as you have a blender*. The possibilities are endless, Read more

Avocado on toast
Mash the flesh of an avocado with Read more

Making a chicken do 12 meals
Hearing an over-weight parent say, “I can’t afford to eat healthy” as an excuse for Read more

Roasted peppers
Here’s one that has about 3 mins prep time, is healthy, and Read more

Making mince with veg for kids
If you make anything with mince such as bolognese, shepherd’s pie, cottage pie, etc, make a Read more

Perfect poached eggs
I’ll try not to sound like Delia Smith here and teach you how to boil eggs, but, I believe I have cracked it (get it!?) with regards to doing the perfect poached egg. Read more

Mustard egg mayo
Put a little bit of mustard in your egg mayo when you make it. It turns it from Read more

Quality honey
If you like honey but just buy the basic runny honey, try Read more

Porridge for breakfast
In a previous blog I highlighted how full of sugar breakfast cereals are. So, one alternative is porridge. It’s full of energy and healthy, but not Read more

Eating fresh peas, raw
Fresh peas are in season and absolutely delicious. Don’t cook them, just Read more

Super healthy, easy (& fancy) dinner for two

Here is a very easy, very healthy, very fancy looking meal that will wow your partner/dinner date and can be Read more

Great tip for getting the kids eating good food

It’s a really obvious one, but if you serve baby versions of food to small children, they’re likely to be enthused by it more than Read more

Pimped up cheese on toast

How about pimping up your standard cheese on toast! Here’s some tips and options to try:Read more