I’m Martin and I am a part time house-dad, part time writer and blogger, part time website designer, part time admin slave for my wife’s business, occasional but keen cyclist and, it seems, full time cleaner and chef.

I have landed on my feet, there’s no denying it. My children are wonderful, my wife is smart and pretty, I live in a lovely part of the world, my friends are brilliant and I have a cat that deserves a blog all to itself! Isabelle is three and Toby is one. My wife is a few months younger than me, going on twenty one!

I called my blog ‘The Silly Daddy’ because that is what Isabelle is always calling me. She is an intelligent, calm, witty, funny little thing that wants to love and be loved by everything. Toby is a like cross between the Terminator and a teddy bear. He’ll kiss and cuddle if he can fit it in between snapping or breaking something.

I’ve been, in chronological order:

  • Paperboy
  • Delivery driver
  • Fishmonger
  • Personal trainer
  • Home insurance salesman
  • HR gopher
  • Internal communications manager
  • Events manager
  • Private medical insurance salesman
  • Sports Supplement Salesman
  • …And now what I am today (see first paragraph).

I have written communications and articles for businesses big and small. I write comedy poetry and children’s short stories, which engage me much more than writing ‘The latest updates to the fire evacuation procedure’ for the staff website of a large banking corporation (yes, really!).

I love all sports, especially motor sport and football. I even wanted to give Toby ‘Valentino’ and ‘Charlton’ (Rossi and Athletic) as his middle names. That was, until my wife said she’d never sleep with me again if I registered his name as that, so he ended up with George!

I love cooking. With my interest in making tasty meals combined with my wife’s knowledge of nutrition and health (she’s a personal trainer) I will try to give a simple food tip each week. I think everyone should at least try to cook decent, healthy food for their family, so I’ll try to help if I can.

I’ve written these blogs for my children to read when they’re older, and to hopefully make you all smile and realise that other parents are experiencing the same, mad, oddball stuff that you are!